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AW’s running shoe guru looks at a carbon-plated shoe aimed at training not racing

While most of the carbon-plated running shoes on the market are designed for racing, the Deviate Nitro is instead aimed at daily training. Puma have created a versatile model that is equally happy on long, steady runs as it is on a tempo session.

With a deep, nitrogen-infused midsole the shoe feels soft and plush and has a natural amount of bounce that brings a smile to your face, making you want to get going.

Whilst there is a carbon plate embedded within the shoe, the propulsion isn’t as noticeable as it is in many of the other plated racing shoes, but that’s fine. Think of this as a long-distance cruiser, a running equivalent of the GT in the car world – perfect for sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Yes, it’s a little heavier, but again not so much that’s it’s an issue – the extra weight adds to the durability. There’s also a proper sole which offers excellent traction on any surface, not the smooth slither of rubber found on the carbon racers.

The fit is welcoming, too. Neat, engineered mesh and a contoured heel collar make for a snug and secure feel.

Being labelled as a daily trainer means this is also priced in the same bracket as many of the shoes in the category, but the added features of the next generation foam and carbon plate make this big cat anything but tame!

» Puma Deviate Nitro costs £136.00. See eu.puma.com

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